Designed Coco Bowl Set

Did you know a you could upcycle every part of
coconut tree to create sustainable products? 
Papa Abbey Pāpale is a strong advocate for sustainable living & fashion. Other than upcycling the leaves of the coconut tree to weave Pāpale Niu + Coco Puas.....
We teamed up with Jungle Culture who is a proud member of the 1% for the Planet Global Organization & Movement.  Jungle Culture reduces single-use plastics by upcycling the coconut shell into a sustainable & reusable bowl. Also, the trunk of the tree to create sustainable cutlery.
Help us reduce single-use plastics & reuse sustainable products from our natural resources that mother earth provides us. 
Each set comes with a single bowl and spoon.
Choose between 4 designs or a classic shell bowl.  
Great for many uses other than eating :)